About Retro House Love So-Cal


Who are the people behind the "stuff?"

Linda and Cathy are the sister-in-law team that have collected and curated the goods!

Linda is founder and owner of Retro House Love, our original location in Denver, Colorado has been alive and kicking for over 5 years. Linda is the collector and curator for all Mid Century Modern furniture, housewares, and art. She's been an MCM aficionado for over 20 years.

Cathy is the “Mistress of Bling” and has been collecting, burying, selling and wearing vintage and estate jewelry for over 40 years. She is well versed in identifying designers, types, styles and brands of the period. We happily accept vetted costume jewelry on a consignment basis and Cathy will be happy to help you with an appraisal should you need one.