July 13, 2016

Estate Sale Services

Retro House Love Estate Sales is skilled and experienced at helping homeowners, family and friends of the homeowner sell unwanted household items, furniture, clothing and anything else within the home and on the property.

Estate sales can be held for a variety of reasons, including the passing of a family member, or simply downsizing a residence.

Whatever your situation, you’ll be happy that you got in touch with us.

Our past clients describe us as: professional, fast, friendly, accommodating and thorough.
For information on our Estate Sale Services in Southern California – contact Linda at 734.355.1792 or email Linda@retrohouselove.com


Q. What is the process for a sale?

A. This has been described as “turning a house upside down.” We bring in tables and start separating and sorting. Things come out of cabinets, cupboards, boxes and storage. Our goals are to see what is there, and to put “like” categories together to make shopping easier. We spend a lot of time researching , taking pictures for advertising and pricing. We set up a house so it’s as easy as possible to maneuver, with clear walk ways. In a sense, we are “staging.”

Q. What happens to everything that is left over?

A. At the end of the sale, we will make the remains go away. If we are charged with providing an empty house – that is what we do. We work with a “clean out” person who does this. We can also donate items.

Q. Commission?

A. There are no out of pocket expenses for our clients. The commission is a 60/40 split, with 60% going to the client. The only other possible fee could be for the disposal of electronics or mattresses, where if they are not saleable, they would have to go to the dump. Electronics have to be recycled, but in some cases they can be donated. We take credit cards and there is a 2.75% fee per transaction, which is a shared expense as the fee is taken out before we see the money.

Q. How long does it take to have a sale?

A. The answer to that depends on the house, quantity of items and schedule of our client. Our schedule also plays a role with that, but we always try to be accommodating. We’ve put sales together in as quickly as a few days – the longest was a month and a half. The duration of a sale is typically 2 to 4 days, and again that depends on how densely packed a house is.

Q. How long after the sale would you be paid?

A. In a matter of days. We take credit cards (see the commission section) and after the cards have been processed, we pay our client.

Q. Do you have a contract?

A. Yes!

Q. Are you licensed and bonded?

A. Yes. It is also worth mentioning that close to 100% of our sales have been referral based. If you desire references, we will get them for you.